• Non-isolated wide input voltage LED UFO driver
  • Power cover:120W/150W/200W/240W.
  • Rated input voltage:120-277Vac,output voltage:180-260Vdc,constant power voltage range@200-260V
  • Efficiency up to 95.5%/High PF≥0.95/THD≤7%@230VAC Low THD interference
  • Including Type A (Adjustable potentiometer),Type S (PWM / 0-10V / RX),Type X ( 12V 300mA Aux )
  • UL、FCC、CLASS-P、ENEC、CE、CB、CCC、SAA global certification.
  • Protection level:IP65,Surge protection:4/4KV.
  • SCP/OTP/OVP/OCP protection .
  • Life time>50,000 hrs.And 5 years warranty.

Model list

 Model Input Voltage Output Voltage Output   Current Efficiency  PF   THD Product size
DL-150W-V260A-SPF 120-277V 180-260V 0.35-0.75A 94.50% ≥0.97 ≤10% D*H 110*58mm
DL-150W-V260S-SPF 120-277V 180-260V 0.35-0.75A 94.50% ≥0.97 ≤10% D*H 110*58mm
DL-150W-V260X-SPF 120-277V 180-260V 0.35-0.75A 95.50% ≥0.97 ≤10% D*H 110*58mm


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